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Preliminary Project Advice

Preliminary designs and reports on prospective projects as required by Architects to proceed with the development of the Planning Authority application. This also includes a feasibility study and estimation of the requested M&E services.

Design of General Building MEP Services

This includes the detailed design of all Mechanical and Electrical Services which would be necessary for the correct operation of the building. These services range from conventional electrical and plumbing services to complex HVAC systems. We also specialize in Fire Safety and Building Management Systems.

Design of MEP Infrastructural Services

Similarly, to General Building MEP Services, we are also capable of designing main infrastructural services such as new roads, residential complexes etc.

Surveys, Inspections and Reports

  • Survey and reporting on existing installations of building services. Several types of inspections can be carried out such as Electrical Inspection, Thermal Imaging, Fault Finding, etc.
  • Other regularly requested reports are the Energy Performance Certificates for both Residential and Commercial Buildings
  • Advice on requirements for the installation of plant and other services for prospective projects.

Project Design

  • Design of all works according to the list of services as agreed with the client
  • Preparing such drawings, specifications, schedules, bills of quantities and other engineering documents as are necessary to obtain quotations for the execution of the works
  • Drafting of appropriate conditions of contract and other contract documents for the client to be able to place orders for the various sections of the works.
  • Compiling a detailed cost estimate of the project in hand
  • Supervision of works and project management on the M&E Services and issuing of instructions to contractors during the execution of the works
  • Attending to site meetings and making of minutes of meetings and circulating them to whoever is involved in the project
  • Issuing of certificates for payments to contractors
  • Assisting Client in settling disputes or differences which may arise with the contractors
  • Liaison with ARMS Ltd, GO plc and other authorities
  • Supervision of the testing and commissioning of plant and issuing of completion certificates.

Evaluation of Tenders

After receiving bids from several contractors, their quotations are analyzed in detail to make sure that the required workmanship standard is being reached. This process goes all the way even during the construction stage with the evaluation of samples etc. to make sure that the client gets the best value for money possible.

Testing and Certification

  • Testing and certification of electrical installations
  • Testing and certification of generators
  • Testing and certification of steam and hot water boilers
  • Testing and certification of lifts, hoists and escalators
  • Testing and certification of MEP installations
  • Testing and certification of LPG installations.

Applications to Service Providers and Authorities

  • Application for the provision of water and electrical supply by ARMS Ltd
  • Application for the provision of services by GO plc and other service providers.

Evaluation and Estimation of Installations

Evaluation and estimation of plant, technical equipment and general installations.

Energy Audits and Energy Certification of Buildings (EPCs)

  • Compilation of Energy Performance Certificates for both Residential and Commercial Buildings.
  • Compilation of energy audits according to Regulation 10 of LN196/2014.

Energy Modelling of Buildings

Energy modeling entails the creation of a computer model using specialized software, which would then allow the simulation of building energy transfers for further study and optimization. This is a more detailed design approach and a service which can be offered to specific clients for projects targeted at a refined level of energy efficiency or feasibility. It is most effective for buildings that are still at their conceptual stage, given their increased level of flexibility, but can on occasions also be utilized to evaluate the improvements which could be obtained in retrofit projects.

Design of Energy Management Systems

The integration of systems on a single platform such that they could work together to manage energy consumption. Depending on the project, we design an energy management system to control different services in a resourceful manner.

Advice on the Use of Alternative and Renewable Sources of Energy

The integration of renewable and alternative sources of energy – including PV arrays, solar collectors for hot water generation and wind turbines – into the main installation to make the best use of these green sources of energy.

Intelligent Building Automation Design

This is the integration of several systems within a building to work together to achieve optimum efficiency and comfort conditions.

Acoustic Design and Advice on Acoustic Treatment

  • Measurement of and reporting on noise emissions and vibrations with respect to international accepted standards
  • Advice and design of acoustic treatment for reduction of noise levels.

Cost Consultancy

It is understood that each challenge has a limited budget. Using our vast experience, we can guide you on how you achieve your goals using a structured way forward.

Advice on Operation and Maintenance

  • Technical advice on operation and maintenance of plant
  • Recruitment of technical support staff for plant operation and maintenance
  • Advices on fault repair on engineering installations and equipment.
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