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Positive Energy at Radisson BLU St Julian’s

Positive Energy at Radisson BLU St Julian’s

Over the summer period, Radisson BLU St Julian’s embarked on a project to change their aging R22 water-cooled chillers to R410 air-cooled heat pumps. Previously, the chillers had been designed for cooling only with the central heating demand being serviced by means of steam boilers coupled to hot water heat exchangers.

The operators of the Hotel have indicated that the net reduction in energy cost during the winter period using the heat pumps instead of the boilers was of around €40,000.00. This excludes any other ancillary savings such as those derived from a reduction in maintenance and repairs to the old hot water systems.

Although the first indications during the latter part of last summer showed very positive results in cooling mode, exact savings figures could not be quantified since the units were not in place for the duration of the whole summer.

At the moment a monitoring program is being implemented, measuring not only the energy consumed by the new chillers but also parameters such as ambient temperature, occupancy etc, such that an algorithm to further optimize the use of the units can be derived and implemented.

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